Traditional shampoo:
A liquid emulsified shampoo and a creamy emulsified shampoo made of sodium lauryl sulfate as a base material in the early 1940s. Compared to soap powder, soap, shampoo has several advantages: Strong foaming and cleaning ability, even in the case of hard water, can produce rich foam.Easy to clean, will not leave unnecessary sediment Residue.Milder than soap products.

Livemore’s first generation of shampoo is a medicinal shampoo based on sodium lauryl sulfate and added with Manuka extract.
Since the sodium lauryl sulfate component produces pollutants during and after production, which has a great impact on the environment, the New Zealand government banned to use it in 1999, so the our first-generation products have stopped production and sales.

Amino acid shampoo:
Amino acid shampoo is based on an amino acid surfactant and is added with other functional ingredients. Because the main component that makes up the scalp and hair is protein, and the amino acid is the basic component of the protein, so the amino acid surfactant has a better affinity for the scalp and hair, and other substances contained in the amino acid solvent are also easier for the scalp combines with hair and absorbs it.Compared to traditional shampoos, amino acid shampoos are more excellent in affinity, conditioning and functionality:
① Because the basic components of the composition are the same, so the amino acid surfactants have a higher degree of infiltration of the scalp and hair, and can deepen, repair and nourish every hair and scalp.
② Because amino acids are the basic components of proteins, so scalp and hair can directly acquire and absorb amino acid components, repair damaged tissues while fully nourishing, and make the scalp and hair full of vitality.
③ Because the basic components of the composition are the same, the affinity of the amino acid surfactant to the scalp and hair is extremely high, and the functional ingredients contained in the shampoo can be better contacted and absorbed by the scalp and the hair, and the target is truly targeted. Efficiently achieve the purpose of nourishment, repair, and anti-dandruff.
④ The amino acid surfactant component is an organic component, which is naturally degradable, non-toxic and harmless, Natural Environmental Protection,it is a Green Environmental Protection Product.

Studies have found that some skin diseases are caused by the penetration of keratinase produced by fungi into the skin.this feature can be used to develop and reserch fungal dermatological drugs.The compound keratin amino acid solution can be directly injected into the body to supplement nutrients and replace some human plasma.The cystine in keratin has a liver-protecting effect, which can effectively prevent fatty liver, cirrhosis and other liver diseases, and has significant effects in treating bladder myositis, hair loss and toxic diseases.

Hydrolyzed wheat protein, the main amino acid gliadin and wheat grain protein, rich in cystine.

It has moisturizing, anti-oxidant effect and soft refined skin. It has special emollient ingredients to improve wrinkles.