Our technology
Extraction: solid-liquid centrifugal extraction
Production: low temperature dissolution low temperature canning
Process: organic small molecule emulsification

In the research and development process of amino acid shampoo,
in order to find a reliable composition and effective proportioning method,
the R&D personnel conducted tens of thousands of component stability experiments and thousands of system effects comparison experiments.
The spirit of scientific rigor is the meticulousness that Livemore brings to you.

In the process of extracting plant constituents,
in order to ensure that the plants are naturally non-polluting,
the inspectors will go to the plant producing area for environmental monitoring every month to ensure that the environment is naturally non-polluting,
thus ensuring the purity of the plant components.
The meticulous persistence is the peace of mind that Livemore brings to you.

In the design of the product,
New Zealand’s local design team pays particular attention to detail,
layered aroma, atmospheric bottle design, more hand-held bottle type,
revealing a different kind of exquisiteness everywhere,
to ensure the perfect experience when using.
The consideration of excellence is the comfort that Livemore brings to you.

Focus on quality in everywhere is the Low-key luxury that Livemore brings to you.