Manuka, a low-lying shrub unique to New Zealand, has a unique antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ability, and its product Manuka honey has been widely accepted.

It is the most widely used herb of Maori, and the stems and leaves of Manuka are one of the best herbs inherited by the Maori ancestors.

In the event of catching a cold or physical discomfort, the Maori cook the stems and leaves of Manuka for initial treatment.

Dylan Livemore found in the experiment that after adding Manuka plant extract into shampoo, it brought a new life to the micro-environment of the entire scalp. Manuka ingredients can effectively eliminate inflammation and relieve hair itch and repair hair follicles, which can effectively nourish hair roots. Many conditions for improving hair growth have a very good repair effect on damaged hair, and can also awaken damaged hair follicles, keep scalp and hair follicles healthy, and achieve hair growth and solidification.