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A new generation of toiletries, why do we use amino acids?
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Deep Nourishing Shampoo / Conditioner


MAMAKU, New Zealand’s unique plant,
New Zealand national flower, is also a symbol of New Zealand.
It grows in the original rainforest area of New Zealand and has white flowers.
It is usually used by local people as a vegetable.
The whole plant can be used as medicine.
It is used by Maori as herbal medicine to clear summerheat and diuretic.

Hair Reviving Shampoo


Manuka, a low-lying shrub unique to New Zealand,
has a unique antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ability,
and its product Manuka honey has been widely accepted.

Dandruff Control Shampoo


KANUKA is native to New Zealand and is visible on both the North and South islands,
but the South Island is the most concentrated.
There is a famous coast in the southeast of the South Island, which is directly named “KANUKA COAST”.

Skin-firming Body Wash


Gotu kola,It is widely distributed in low-lying mountainous areas and low-lying plateaus all over the world.
It is warm and humid, and can be directly hydroponic,
resistant to darkness, humidity and drought, strong plant,Adaptable.